We’ll Make It Through !

Some memories are Harsh and Cold, But know that we can’t press Undo, You need to be Strong and Bold, For I know We’ll Make It Through. Mistakes are all Forgivable, & You did what you had to do, But now the Pain is Inevitable, So how you face it is up to You ! […]

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I Sink Again

Every time I feel Strong, Believing there is Nothing Wrong, No puzzle piece is Missing, And my world is not Flipping, The Wave comes upon my Sail, As I try my best not to Fail, I realize my efforts are but in Vain, And all I get is weak as I Sink Again. Every time […]

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Hey There !!

Hey there !! How are you? Hope you are Fine, since a while it has been; I wish you don’t hate me, For sometimes I was really mean; This connection we have is unique, Which we felt but was never seen; To you I am so Thankful, For you have treated me like a Queen; […]

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“The Consequences”

You see, there are consequences To your Words and to your Actions, To your thoughts and to your reactions, So make sure you leave no Traces, For if someone somewhere retraces, You will find yourself in a mess, Surrounded by all the darkness, Until the time you come to your senses, Only to find how […]

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Overcoming Self Threats

I lived in a world so Cold and Dark, Deep down inside, Only the Scars and the Pain had their mark. Long forgotten, was the Smile and the Laugh, So did vanish, The only Living Spark. But, Just like every Wrong which has a Right, I finally rose from Darkness into the Light, As you […]

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The Story

Let me tell you a Story, For It may or may not be true. Once upon a time, a boy loved a girl, Into best friends they grew. She was called Laurel, and his name was Drew. Spent countless nights and days together, Beneath the stars and the blue. Ignoring everything around, he would Adore […]

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